A few points to note about us

  • We the CAM MINE GROUP are into Gold business and also an authorized seller of Au Gold dust and Gold bars exporter.
  • We work with other handicapped Gold sellers as main source and help them to export their gold to buyers.
  • Apply for Exit permit license
  • We are located in the south eastern portion of the the Republic of Cameroon.
  • We are a community of local miners here in the South West And Bertoua , small villages here in Cameroon in the aforementioned portion.where to buy Gold Bar
  • We discovered Gold in our community since 1996 but before now it was mined individually by local tribesmen with traditional local tools.

10+ Years of Excellence

The face of our mining sector got a face lift in 2006 when the villagers upon request government stakeholders unanimously decided to form a local initiative group now “CAM MINE GROUP” administered by the Royal family and basically control by myself the most educated Chief and heir to the throne in the village. Can i Buy Diamonds and Gold We are a common initiative Gold Group registered here in Cameroon. We often encourage all our customers to visit us locally as they might be interested to invest and expand our mines.Permit License

Cameroon mining system is basically artisan. That is why we always advice foreign investors to aid us with modern mining material and equipment.

We Value Transparency

Our selling terms are very straight-forward. We sell only 24 and 23+ carat Gold to international market and sell any lesser Carat (22,21,18 etc) to our domestic market here in Cameroon. Gold Dorectory
At every point our business terms are negotiable. Since most of our village elders are illiterates we avoid a lot of paper work. However its obligatory for us to respect our state and community laws.
We equally also want to let you know that we expect the utmost of transparency and honesty from our customers as we get into business.Exit Permit 
We shall be grateful to furnish you with any further information that you may require after hearing from you and shall consider it a privilege entering into long-lasting relationship between both parties.


Before You Buy Gold or Diamonds

Take note that for us to begin business with you, you will need to make a down payment for exit permit of the gold upfront from the village Council. The exit permit is a document established by our local council and government authorizing us to export gold from the village to buyers internationally. how to Apply for Exit permit .It also stands as a prove of seriousness and commitment of the buyer. It is non negotiable and stands very relevant in the starting stage of our deal. The exit village permit cost is $7,250 for quantities ranging from 1kg to 500kg, and $14,500 for quantities ranging from 500kg to 1,000kg for  of gold. This amount is paid directly to the local village council. AU Gold and Diamond vendor

Get Ready for a Wonderful Experience to Buy Gold or Diamonds

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